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Helping babies through to teenagers find their super powers!

Wonder Paediatric Services provides support to babies, children and teenagers with chronic medical conditions, injuries or disabilities. We deliver effective programs that are tailored specifically to their level of development, in a safe and fun environment. All programs are assembled alongside the family to help support, inspire, and empower through a mix of play-based and exercise-based therapy.

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Caring for your child in every stage

Click on each of the Wonder Stages to learn more about how we can help your child reach their full potential!


Wonder Minis

Services for infants, toddlers & preschoolers

0 to 4 years


Wonder Kids

Services for children

5 to 12 years


Wonder Teens

Services for teenagers

13 to 18 years

Our Services

Click on the services below to find out more about how we can support and assist your child to reach their goals!

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